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    Areas of Practice
  • Commercial Law
  • Defamation, Media & Entertainment
  • Equity/Trusts
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Professional Negligence
  • Sports Law
  • Telecommunications/ IT/Computers
  • Trade Practices

Michael J Rivette

Michael Rivette has accrued more than 28 years legal experience, both in general commercial law and as an advocate, and over 20 years experience in business as the owner, director and board member of communications, marketing, entertainment and media companies.

He thus brings to his practice as an advocate the practical knowledge of commerce and all matters relating to intellectual property, trade practices, media, entertainment and sports law.

Michael is a general commercial barrister and accepts briefs in all commercial matters. He has particular expertise in intellectual property law, data protection and information technology, trade practices law, media and privacy law and sports and entertainment law.

Michael has a particular interest in the developing areas of privacy law, breach of confidence and data protection. He successfully argued the privacy issues in the landmark decision of Giller v Procopets (2008) 79 IPR 489. As special leave to the High Court was denied, the Giller case stands as the highest authority in this area of the law.

He is the co-author of the Australian section of the leading UK text Tugendhat and Christie The Law of Privacy and the Media (Oxford University Press). He has also written on the area of privacy and media law for the Media and Arts Law Review, his latest published article being "Litigating Privacy cases in the wake of Giller v Procopets" (2010) 15 (2) MALR 285.

He is a regular guest lecturer on intellectual property, media and privacy law in the under-graduate and post-graduate teaching programs at the Melbourne University Law School.

He is also a regular keynote speaker at seminars conducted throughout Australia by the Centre for Media and Communications Law (CMLC), where he presents to legal professionals on the developing areas of privacy, breach of confidence, data protection and media law and litigation. He is also on the advisory board of the Centre for Media and Communications Law.

Michael was, for a number of years in the 1980s, retained as Counsel for the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney General based in Western Australia, and was responsible for the conduct of major trials and appeals in the federal jurisdiction.

He also sits on a number of company boards and boards of not-for-profit charities, including the Women’s Cancer Foundation. He is also a member of the Queensland and Western Australian Bars.

Name: Michael J. RIVETTE
  B Juris, LLB (Mon) LLM (Melb)
Date of Birth:
Tel: (03) 8600 1717
Mobile: 0418 37 5566
Facsimile: (03) 8600 1725
Admitted In Victoria: 1 June 1981
Signed Bar Roll: 20 May 1982
Also Admitted: Western Australia
Previous Occupation:
Solicitor, Crown Prosecutor, Company Director